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Donate Meal to Homeless

You Pay, We Cook & Deliver!

For $10 per meal, you can feed a hungry person one of our delicious, healthy, balanced and healing meals. We will deliver the meals within 72 hours of your purchase, guaranteed. All you have to do is select how many people you want to gift a meal to, and we do the rest. If you donate 30 meals, reeive a 10% discount. For 75 meals or more, receive (or waive) a 20% discount. Only have enough for 1? No problem: that is one more person who will go to bed with a full belly and a big smile on their face. 

 After providing close to 100 meals per week during Covid 19 to area parks and street camps, we learned how to prepare and distribute "grab and go" meals to our community's most hungry and vulnerable in the safest ways possible. Join our "meals-to-heal" team! Call

Chef Miles to order and discuss: 805-698-3796

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